Taking Stock

Taking stock - Making stock

This time of year, before the new spring crops have gotten big, and the tired over-wintered crops are tough and weather-beaten, this is the time for a good rich vegetable stock. I cut back nearly everything in the garden; I harvest that cabbage that never fully headed-up, I trim the tops of the leeks that havegone long and scraggly,  I remove all the tired, old, outside leaves of the over-wintered beets, turnips, kale and chard. Then I trim some new garlic tops, throw in some onion and celery trimming that Ive been saving in the freezer just for this day. I put it all in a giant pot, cover with water and simmer for two hours.

Because the inputs vary, so does the output - the flavor is never exactly the same, but invariably the result is a good rich vegetable stock, which can be frozen almost indefinitely, but usually ends up as soup that same day. Today it was corn potato chowder. Yum!