Earnest Eggplants

I've no time for nightshades in October - so away with them!I've ripped them all out, and we'll have fried green tomatoes for dinner. But I do admire the optimism of the natural world. The cabbage moth lays her eggs even when the coming frost will surely rupture the cell walls of her baby green worm caterpillars; the nightshades bloom gloriously, even with the summer sun fading and cold nights on the way - as though there will always be enough time.  But away with that romantic thought! This fruit, now so soo sloooowly ripening on the vine? Away with it! There's not enough time for nightshades in October.  

Yet ...  somehow ... I cant quite give up on these fat little babies below. Nipped in the bud a few weeks back, I cant resist the temptation to let them plumb up just a little bit more ... but then make way for cold weather crops! The kale, the cabbage, the roots ... the wonders of the winter garden that, rather than fading with the summer, sweeten with the kiss of frost.