Available from the farm today:

Available from the farm today:

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You-pick Pop-up

Will this work? A 24-hour, You-Pick, Pop-Up Farm Stand, by appointment only?

Ready for harvest now, we have: beets, beet greens, collards, young onions, green garlic, pea tendrils, swiss chard, sage, and thyme. You can come cut your own bunches and name your price. Payment accepted in cash, or by online donation to the the Neighborhood Farm Initiative.


To schedule an appointment, contact Ann@NeighborhoodFarmInitiative.org

Or Text me at 202-215-2522

Pop-Up Farm Market

Greens Gone Wild: Dandelion, Lambs quarters and Bishops weed, with leeks and fresh green garlic

Green Garlic

I love lifting the immature, green garlic bulbs before they are ready, before the cloves have fully formed. They wont dry or preserve well at this stage but, you can chop up the whole stalk, as though it was a scallion or spring onion, and it has this wonderful, mild, almost nutty flavor. This is great addition to whatever is on the menu tonight. Yum!

Spring Harvest

Just love the spring harvest: Peas, beets, garlic scapes and kale

Pop-up farm market

A one day, Pop-Up Farm Market in Historic Takoma:

Wild greens: Dandelion, lambs quarters and Bishops weed.

Fresh and dried herbs: sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano

Pick-your-own kale, collards & beet greens.

And finally, leeks and fresh green garlic (milder and nuttier than mature garlic) 

Micro greens

Since February Ive been so busy organizing and managing the Neighborhood Farm Inititiative's Kitchen Garden Education Program, that Ive hardly had time to think- much less time to plant - or sleep! o now playing catch up, posting a bunch of photos from this spring ...

KGEP Students plant LAF Kale

Students in the Neighborhood Farm Initiative's Kitchen Garden Education Program are planting out LAF seedlings in the community garden at Fort Totten

Wild Salad

This is the time of year when it begins to feel like the weeds will overwhelm the garden

I keep my eyes peeled for sneaky weed who find there way to root in obscure corners of the yard and garden, like this dandelion by the rainbarrel

Without a podmate

Sometimes everyone feels alone, like this loner pea with no pod mate. There is a cure for this sense of isolation! Its time in the garden, with your hands in the soil, connected to the earth and the source of your food, your sustenance. Its hard to feel alone when you feel so connected.


Taking Stock

Taking stock - Making stock

This time of year, before the new spring crops have gotten big, and the tired over-wintered crops are tough and weather-beaten, this is the time for a good rich vegetable stock. I cut back nearly everything in the garden; I harvest that cabbage that never fully headed-up, I trim the tops of the leeks that havegone long and scraggly,  I remove all the tired, old, outside leaves of the over-wintered beets, turnips, kale and chard. Then I trim some new garlic tops, throw in some onion and celery trimming that Ive been saving in the freezer just for this day. I put it all in a giant pot, cover with water and simmer for two hours.

Because the inputs vary, so does the output - the flavor is never exactly the same, but invariably the result is a good rich vegetable stock, which can be frozen almost indefinitely, but usually ends up as soup that same day. Today it was corn potato chowder. Yum!

Kale Babies

Kale babies getting big now!
 These little guys are destined for the Fort Totten Community Garden



Ginger Harvest